Raw Sprouted Crackers

~ RAW Buckwheat & CHIA CRACKER ~

Chia Crackers_new_for print

This is our newest cracker, it has the look of your typical “wheat” cracker, but it is made from Organic Probiotic Veggies, Sprouted Organic Buckwheat, Sprouted Organic Sunflower Seeds & Sprouted Organic Chia Seeds!  No Gluten, No Sugar, No Oil – All Raw Food, All Organic, All Vegan & All Healing!



We’ve combined Organic Veggies & Sprouted Seeds into a Sprouted Seed Raw Cracker! These crackers are a mix of sprouted flax, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, & Organic Veggies! No Gluten, No Oil, No Sugar, Lots of Nutrients.

~Garden Veggie Blend~

Veggie Seed Cracker - Garden Blend_for print

~Roots Blend~

Veggie Seed Cracker - Roots Blend_for print

 ~ Green Sea Blend ~

Veggie Seed Cracker - Green Blend_for print


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